Current Projects


The #MMM will feature Madiba’s face in black and grey, and the border will consist of blankets knitted in the colours of the South African flag – red, yellow, blue and green. 

“We need lots of wool. We need lots of ‘goodwool’.

We need many more South Africans to come on board - to get those needles clicking away and make the “pixel” blankets,” 

An initiative linked to Nelson Mandela Day with the aim to keep disadvantaged people warm in winter.


THIS is Nelson Mandela's 100th year!!!

What ELSE can we do to make this the most special year to remember our world icon???!!!

We can go for yet another GUINNESS WORLD RECORD of course!!! We can go for the "Longest Crochet Scarf in the World"!!!!!

For the past three years we have churned out THOUSANDS of scarves for our #SSS (Secret Scarves Shhh...) initiative which we do every July during Mandela Month.

INDIA currently holds the record for the Longest Scarf in the World. Why don't we in SOUTH AFRICA beat INDIA in this "WOOL CUP"???!!!!

To pay tribute to our late great father of our nation President Nelson Mandela and to mark his centenary year, we intend to create the "Longest Crochet Scarf in the World".

Every scarf will have our message of love and warmth attached to it, as well as our trademark heart logo - and people walking home from school and work will witness pockets of glorious colour and warmth around lamp posts, railings and trees. And thousands of people who need a little more colour and warmth in their lives will be able to just help themselves to our labours of love.

The measurement for the Longest Scarf currently stands at 14 km. I say - let's do 27 kilometers!!! (One kilometer for every year that Mandela spent behind bars.)