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Secret Scarves Shh…

67 BLANKETS FOR NELSON MANDELA DAY – Scraves, scarves , and more scarves!

July in South Africa is Nelson Mandela month, a month to celebrate the life and legacy of our former President Nelson Mandela.

For the KnitWits of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela, this means it is time for secret scarf warmth to be spread. This annual activation, which is in its eighth year, is a colorful and joyous way of spreading “GoodWool.”

This year the Secret Scarf Shhhh – #SSS will take place around the country on the late Nelson Mandela’s Birthday, the 18th of July 2023. Identified sites across the country will be confirmed soon.

Thousands of scarves have been hand made with care for this initiative, each scarf will have a 67 Blankets label with a special message attached which reads “I AM NOT LOST. IF YOU ARE COLD AND NEED ME, PLEASE TAKE ME. With LOVE, 67 BLANKETS FOR NELSON MANDELA DAY”.

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