67 Blankets Activations


Nothing can keep a 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day KnitWit’ down. Despite months of lockdown, KnitWits around the country have been busy crocheting and knitting blankets and scarves to keep many others warm this winter. Always a highlight, the annual Secret Scarves Mission, now in its sixth year, has thousands of scarves ready to distribute countrywide.

The KnitWits have once again risen to the challenge by hand making thousands of beautiful scarves that will be draped on trees and poles or distributed to various organizations on the 19th of August. A spectacular sight – a rainbow of colorful scarves freely available to be taken by any passer-by. As always, a love note attached, reading ‘I am not lost. If you are cold and need me, please take me. Love, 67 Blankets xxx’

“The KnitWits are incredible. Despite the lockdown and the challenges people are experiencing, thousands of scarves have been made for this eagerly anticipated event countrywide on the 19th of August. Sadly, we could not distribute them in July on Mandela Day but for us, every day is Mandela Day. I cannot wait to see the joy these labors of love will bring to so many.”

Says founder Carolyn Steyn

Other Projects

Secret Scarves Shh…

Following on from the hugely successful Rainbow Nation Blanket of Hope which happened in May this year where over 4500 blankets were given to Gift of the Givers to distribute in KZN, the secret scarf mission continues with the theme of thanking the healthcare workers for their incredible work and sacrifices they made over the last 28 months.