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67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day pledges to keep thousands less fortunate, warmer, in the name of our beloved Nelson Mandela.

Stitch by Stitch, his legacy lives on in each blanket lovingly created by our volunteer 'KnitWits' for Madiba with their own two hands.

"Making every day a Mandela Day"


Carolyn Steyn

It's Our 8th Birthday!

Rainbow Nation Blanket of Hope

KnitWits for Madiba. Happy 2022!! This is a BIG year for us!! As many of you know we will be paying tribute to all frontline workers and partnering with Gift of the Givers!! This is HUGE!!

In early May we will be displaying our #67blankets #RainbowNationBlanketofHope comprising THOUSANDS of bright, warm, colourful blankets (made with love) at Steyn City School. Directly after the event blankets will be distributed to people and communities in need just before the extreme cold hits us, with the help of the incredible Gift of the Givers team.

So please get cracking! Please get clicking!! (Faster, faster!!…) Your blankets are really needed! This year there are NO RULES regarding patterns, colours or sizes. You are free to GO WILD! As long as your blanket is able to keep a human being warm. That’s what matters. Our ambassadors have each been challenged to have at least 67 blankets to hand over. And I know that they are all more than up to this challenge. We need YOUR help. And time is short. How many blankets will YOU be able to commit to making?? Please get your friends, family, children, husbands and next door neighbours involved. Let’s rope everyone in!!

Once again I want to express my huge love to each and every single one of you who has continued to ‘stitch by stitch’ make a difference in so many lives, mine included. I just LOVE our tightly-knit 67 Blankets family.

Yours in ‘goodwool’,


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